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  • Anabol 50ml vial steroids are a group of compounds which mimic sex and growth hormones in the body. They are typically used without prescription by athletes and bodybuilders in order to build up muscle mass and reduce the fatigue involved in training regimes

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  • Press and unscrew the vial cap while holding it down.
    Insert the graduated syringe into the plastic adapter.
    Hold the bottle upside down and slowly pull on the plunger of the syringe until the white line of the plunger matches the dose prescribed by your veterinarian. The syringe is graduated in kg and ml.
    While pushing on the piston, empty the contents of the syringe directly in the jaws of the animal. Insert the syringe either on the side of the mouth or over the tongue.
    If necessary, wipe the outside of the syringe with a dry tissue and dispose of it immediately after use. Close the vial and place the appropriate cap on the tip of the syringe to prevent contamination or overflow of remaining product.

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  • Zycortal is a veterinary medicine used to treat dogs with Addison’s disease. Addison’s disease is a condition, known as hypoadrenocorticism

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