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  • Gonadorelin – 5 ml Equine Chorionic Gonadotropin Induction and synchronization of estrus in porcines, rabbits and laboratory animals. Complement in the induction of estrus in ovines, caprines and bovines. Ovulation and superovulation induction in prepubescent and pubescent bovines, ovines, porcines, rabbits and laboratory animals. Complement in the treatment of anestrus in bovines, ovines and caprines. …

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  • Ozone is a powerful respiratory stimulant. The parenteral administration of a dose of Ozone is followed by a genuine respiratory stimulation which is produced in a progressive form, it endures several hours, and it is manifested in all cases by an increase an extent of respiratory movements and their frequency.https://powerhorsevet.com Ozone is suitable for those who …

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