corretonic injection
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corretonic injection



corretonic injection is a Vitamin therapeutic and preventive supplement. And powerful Neuro-Stimulant CORRETONIC acts on the muscle system.Generates an explosion Increasing the capacity of oxygenation, Irrigation of nutrients and energy factors in blood, and the elimination of residues in blood and  catabolites which produces fatigue increasing resistance in race.

Colateralmente make easy pulmonary ventilation,

CORRETONIC increases run capacity and improves time, because of its prolonged action, it must be stopped three days before the event, with no reduction of its activity.

This product is used exclusively for final preparation for the event, to place animal in fullness of its state, energy and resistance.

Posology: 10 ml. each day during three to six continuous days before training or according to the indication of the veterinary doctor.

Formula: Vitamin B12 5000μg, Vitamin B15 100mg, Folic acid 20mg, Difenamine citrate 500mg, formulation agents q.s 100ml

Horses, dogs and cats./


Intramuscular or intravenous.


Horses: Adult animals: 30 ml/day 1st day, 20 ml/day 2nd day, and subsequently 10 ml/day, during 4-6 days.
Foals: 10 ml/day 1st day and 5 ml subsequent 4-6 days.
Pets: 1 ml/15 kg b.w. per day, during 5 days

WITHDRAWAL PERIOD: No withdrawal period. Do not administrate to horses if their meat will be used for human consumption. corretonic injection

reatment of primary locomotor system diseases. Coadjutant treatment to the antibiotic therapy in infectious arthritis. Treatment of inflammatory processes in osteopathies, adenopathies, neuropathies, mastitis. To control congestive and painful symptoms associated to these processes.


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