Dexarace Plus, 20 ML
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Dexarace Plus, 20 ML



 Dexarace Plus, 20 ML  Online from us at very competitive prices. We are 100% legit and efficient supplier of performance supplements for equine sports. We offer the best market prices and offer a huge discount for bulk buyers. Packaging and shipping are very discreet and bypass all custom or law enforcement. Delivery through regular and express airmail within 2-3 business days from dispatch.

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 Dexarace Plus

Dexarace Plus is Possibly one of the best Dexa for competition, specifically designed for race.

It´s formula contains cyanocobalamin, which works as a muscle stimulant synergizing with the dexa applied in the last 6 hours before the race

It´s a dexa specifically designed to be applied before the race, with a pharmacokinetic that allows to be eliminated in urine and blood at the 6 hours.


Each 100 ml

Dexamethasone sodium phosphate 100mg

Cyanocobalamin 40.000ug

Excipients 100ml.

Presentation :

Bottle 20 ml,

  • each ml:

1mg/ml Dexa.S.P. or equivalent 0.1% Dexa.S.P.

Cyanocobalamin 400ug/ml

Dosification & Administration for Race :
For professional application,  read the article about dexa for race, Treat as 0.1% or 1mg / ml

For safe application pre-race: 5 ml for 5 days, suspend 1 days before the race , but the last day : 

Apply  Dexametasona 0.08mg/kg IV and also apply Furosemide 0.2mg/kg IV before the 5th hour before the extraction of samples for analysis for detection of drugs, blood and/or urine./

Recommended product with furosemide: Diuretic (Chinfield lab) or similary.

If you have any questions, consult your veterinarian or you can contact us for free advice.


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