equinedex injection
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equinedex injection



equinedex injection It is non-adherent and does not harm viable tissue or skin surrounding wounds.   is indicated for the removal of non-viable tissue from shallow, undermined and deep wounds.
Hydrogel Wound Dressing
is a clear amorphous hydrogel containing a modified Carboxymethyl cellulose polymer, propylene glycol and water.
It is presented sterile in a single dose dispenser pack for ease of application.
Mode of Action
Intrasite Gel promotes natural debridement through autolysis by gently rehydrating necrotic tissue. It also loosens and absorbs
slough and exudate. equinedex injection rovides a moist wound healing environment. It is non‐adherent and does not harm viable
tissue or skin surrounding wounds.
Intrasite Gel is indicated for the removal of non‐viable tissue from shallow, undermined and deep wounds.
Pressure ulcers
Leg ulcers
Diabetic foot ulcers
Malignant wounds
Surgical wounds
Scalds, lacerations, grazes , excoriated skin
Amputation sites
Granulating cavity wounds
Radiation burns
No identified contraindications.
 Known sensitivity to  or any of its ingredients (Propylene glycol)
Intrasite Gel should be used with care in the vicinity of the eyes and in deep wounds with narrow openings (e.g.
fistulas) and in body cavities where removal of the gel may be difficult
Intrasite Gel is for external use only and should not be taken internally
Ensure residual gel is removed prior to radiation therapy.
1. Prepare wound site: Remove secondary dressing. Irrigate wound with sterile saline solution to clean wound site.
2. Prepare pack: Remove protective cap from the nozzles. Swab the snap‐off tip and nozzle of the pack with a suitable
antiseptic swab. Snap the patterned tip off the nozzle.
3. Introduce Intrasite Gel into the wound. Keeping the nozzle tip clear of the wound surface, gently press the bowl of
the pack to dispense gel into the wound avoiding overspill onto surrounding skin. Smooth Intrasite Gel over surface
of wound to a depth of approximately 5mm (0.2”). Discard any unused gel.
4. Dress Wound: Cover with a secondary dressing of choice.


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