Hemo Plus 100ml
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Hemo Plus 100ml



Hemo Plus 100ml is a red blood cells is dependent upon many factors such as amino acids, iron and B vitamins it provides these building blocks to maximize the horse’s potential.

Hemo Plus contains iron, vitamins, minerals, lipotropes and amino acids.
* A great source of iron and copper, which play an important role in hemoglobin formulation.
* Contains amino acids, which provides protein building blocks.  Horses use protein to synthesize body tissues such as muscle and bone where amino acids are present in inadequate amounts due to nutritional deficiency or illness.   Hemo PLUS can act as an amino acid supplement.
* A concentrated source of B vitamins essential for red blood cell production.

HEMO PLUS can be used I.V. OR I.M.  Allows for rapid provision and utilization of essential nutrients.

Multi-vitamin and mineral oral use:  Due to housing and feeding regimes experienced by most horses in work and the heavy demands of performance, the development of sub-clinical vitamin and mineral deficiencies is a realistic risk in the athletic horse. therapy following illness or intense training will ensure deficiencies are addressed for optimal performance or recovery.

 Combination therapy:   can be used as an additive for all I.V. fluids.  These include amino-acid and vitamin mixtures, electrolytes and dextrose

Recovery:  can be administered post race competition to replace essential substances depleted due to the metabolic stress of competing.  Red blood cell (RBC) and hemoglobin levels are two of the most significant contributing factors to the performance of horses.  A blood boosting course will raise blood counts to the level required for performance, e.g.  horses have blood counts of around 6 million, high performance horses have blood counts of between 11 and 12 million.

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requirements are higher for performance horses  This is due to:
*increased destruction of RBCs with hard training
*faster use and shorter lifespan of RBCs
*stomach ulcers and lung bleeding

replacement takes time:  An increase in hard work and the stress of training results in an increase in the body’s requirement for RBC’s.  It takes about 5 days for the bone marrow to respond and produce an increased numbers of red blood cells containing hemoglobin.

3.  Specific requirements for RBC production:  It is essential to provide the raw materials to feed the bone marrow, so that it can respond to the demand for more red blood cells. This is best achieved by providing a daily supplement of iron, copper, cobalt, amino acids and B complex vitamins providing equine athletes with the raw materials to feed the bone marrow is an important way to improve the blood count and maximum performance potential.

4.  Improves recovery and vitality:  Following injury, sickness or surgery, when blood loss and anemia may develop, boosting RBC production will assist in the recovery and repair process and improve vitality.

***Injectible Iron, Amino Acids and B Vitamins

INDICATIONS:  An injectable iron, amino acid and B vitamin.

Recommended for use in:
*Managing iron deficiencies in performance horses.
*Treating nutritional and sports related anemia.
*As an additive for intravenous fluids such as amino acid and vitamin mixtures, electrolytes and dextrose.
*Following competition to replace essential substances lost through the stresses of competing.


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