Pentoflex Gold 50ml  
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Pentoflex Gold 50ml  



Pentoflex Gold 50ml   is a new variation of previously used nutrients utilizing the benefits of directly supplying the body and joints with a high quality effective dosage of bio available

WHAT IS Pentoflex Gold 50ml ? 
is a new variation of previously used nutrients utilising the benefits of directly supplying the body and joints with a high quality effective dosage of bioavailable Sodium Pentosan Polysulfate, Hyaluronic Acid and GHRP a new regenitive peptide. This new development for treating arthritis is unique because in contrast to injecting the actual joint for the best results this variation more effectively targets the joints throughout the entire body through I.V (intravenous) injection, where before it was through intramuscular injection which was a slow process. This addresses the issue previously noted by veterinary surgeons that through thermal imaging often the joint injected is not the main contributing factor to the Horses or Camels overall soundness but often secondary to a more severe joint problem from which the horse is shifting weight and creating the more obvious problems, often in lower joints like fetlock joints and knees.

Once injected intravenously PENTOFLEX GOLD  in Poland actively goes throughout the entire animal targeting specific joints with poor quality or low levels of synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is a plasma dialysate modified by constituents secreted by the joint tissues. The major difference between synovial fluid and other body fluids derived from plasma is the high content of hyaluronic acid (mucin) in synovial fluid. Lubrication of synovial surfaces by synovial fluid requires hyaluronic acid, this is due to the boundary phenomenon. Boundary lubrication occurs when each bearing surface is coated or impregnated with a thin layer of lubricant that keeps the sliding surfaces apart allowing ease of motion with a low coefficient of friction between the sliding surfaces. Hyaluronic acid sticks to the synovial surfaces. The lubricating properties of synovial fluid in a soft tissue system is directly related to the concentration and molecular weight of the hyaluronic acid which also determines the viscosity.

WHY USE Pentoflex Gold 50ml? 
is clinically proven to improve the levels and quality of Synovial fluid within the joints as well as promote joint rejuvenation and provides an anti inflammatory and pain relief effect.


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