rapidexon injection

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rapidexon injection Anti-inflammatory indicated in the treatment of inflammatory or allergic processes. In cattle it is also indicated for the induction of labor and the treatment of primary ketosis and in equines it is indicated for the treatment of arthritis, bursitis or synovitis.

It is used in Cattle, Horses, Calves, Sheep and Goat in the following cases Infertility caused by deficiencies, changes of the oestrus cycle due to the unidentified causes and asymptomatic infertility.
– For Silent Oestrus: For better results, combination with E-Selenium and Bison Alpharabi.
– Poorly developed and inactive ovaries, acceleration of follicle ruptures and chronic vaginitis.
– Ovarian malfunction, ovarian cysts, changes in uterine tone and failure to release an ovum.
– Prophylactic administration in pregnant animals to prevent abortion.
– Iodine deficiencies such as delayed puberty, prolongation of gestation periods, and delivery of dead or weak fetuses, hairless calves and goiters.rapidexon injection
– Reduced libido, poor testicular development, reduced sperm production and delayed maturation of sperms.
– Metabolic disturbances, deficiency diseases, disturbance of normal bone growth, swollen painful joint and less haemoglobin. Additional treatment in cases of calving paralysis and parturient paresis.
– Additional treatment in cases of calving paralysis and parturient paresis.
– Undiagnosed feverish diseases, bronchitis and pneumonia.


Each 1 ml contains:
Sodium iodide 50 mg
Potassium iodide 50 mg
Potassium Chloride 4.282 mg
Copper chloride 0.220 mg
Manganese chloride 0.855 mg
Zinc chloride 0.136 mg
Magnesium chloride 19.640 mg
Ferrous (II) chloride 12.960 mg
Ammonium molybdate 0.018 mg
Cobalt (II) chloride 0.164 mg
Calcium gluconate 300 mg
Excipients ad 1ml


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