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Royal Energy 



Royal Energy has earned it place among the best stimulants in time. With a patented secret formula, this medicine brings out the best of the horses and camels when comes to racing. Royal energy works as a respiratory stimulant, increase endurance and provides energy and power to the muscles setting a clear advantage among the rivals..


Horses: Apply 10 ml every day for 5 days before the race. IV – IM (Last dosis must be applied 4 hs before the competition)

Carmel Apply 7 ml every day for 5 days before the race. IV – IM (Last dosis must be applied 4 hs before the competition.

Boldenone undecylenate is a modern steroid with anabolic properties and little androgenic activity.

• EQUI-GAN works on equines which have been vigorously trained and which show fatigue and low performance.

• EQUI-GAN has a rapid effect. It improves the physical state of animals by increasing their weight due to a better food conversion.

• EQUI-GAN acts beneficially in equines, bovines, porcines and canines. It stimulates appetite and increases energy, which leads to muscle development and a better appearance of skin and hair.

• EQUI-GAN can be used as a support treatment after surgery, diseases or traumatic injuries.
• EQUI-GAN has a long-lasting effect and should not be used constantly, since it may cause androgenic activity development (libido increase).
• EQUI-GAN suppresses estrus in mares that compete. It is reversible.


Do not use in animals with malign tumors (adenoma and adenocarcinoma in the prostate or mammary gland). Do not use in pregnant animals. Do not use this product 20 days before the slaughter of animals intended for human consumption.



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