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VetScan VSpro



VetScan VSpro Specialty Analyzer provides quantitative in-vitro determination of Fibrinogen PT (prothrombin time aPPT (activated partial thromboplastin time)

The VetScan VSpro is a compact, fully automated point-of-care analyzer designed for rapid specialty testing in veterinary clinics. The VetScan VSpro analyzes citrated samples in a single-use disposable test cartridge.

The VetScan VSpro contains microprocessors and LED optical elements to control all testing and analytical functionalities. The operator controls the analyzer functions through a 5.6-inch color touchscreen. An open slot in the front of the analyzer allows the insertion of the cartridge, and guides the test cartridge into place for analysis.

The VetScan VSpro test cartridges are a clear plastic strip about 3” x 1” in size. Each cartridge has an optical detection window and is preloaded with dry reagents specific to the tests. All blood reactions occur within the test cartridge.

Test results are displayed on screen, and automatically stored in memory for later retrieval. The results can also be printed to an optional printer via the USB printer port. An external keyboard can also be connected to the USB keyboard port if desired.

Basic Operating Principles
The Specialty Analyzer enables veterinarians to perform in-clinic specialty testing using disposable cartridges.

The VetScan VSpro’s operation is based on light absorption. Blood sample added to the VetScan VSpro test cartridge flows through microchannels in the cartridge where it reacts with reagents that initiate the reaction. The microfluidic cartridge design contains reaction chambers. Light passing through the optical detection window on the cartridge is absorbed by the sample in the channels. By measuring how much light is absorbed, the analyzer calculates the test results, which are displayed on screen and stored in the analyzer’s database.


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