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ABAXIS ZOETIS VETSCAN VS2 VETERINARY CHEMISTRY BLOOD ANALYZER (2nd Generation) Very nice Abaxis (now Zoetis) VS2 2nd Generation Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer. This is the most current VS2 model offered. The system was last used in a private veterinary clinic and is in excellent condition. Cosmetically the unit shows only minor wear from normal use. Overall appears to have been well cared for.

The analyzer has been cleaned, tested, and is guaranteed working upon arrival. We have great deal of experience with these analyzers and go through them thoroughly to make sure there is no problems for the new owner. This includes disassembly and cleaning of several internal sensors, rotor bay, exhaust fan, and printer; updating of software, and diagnostic testing.

This sale is for a complete VS2 package. Ready to start testing upon arrival. The only other items needed are the individual tests (rotors/profiles) themselves. Sale includes:


–Power Supply and Power Cord

–Pipette and Box of Pipette Tips

–Box of Printer Paper

–Brand New USB Mini-Keyboard (only included if requested, most will use on-screen keyboard)

This sale comes with our standard 90 day return warranty. We will take care of you. Please check our feedback for satisfied buyers.

Please do not hesitate to reach out directly with any additional questions — we would be glad to chat. Thanks for looking!

—–> Seneca Healthcare Supply (formerly Seneca Scientific) <----- Frequently Asked Questions Can I start using these analyzers immediately? Yes, the analyzer can be used immediately. Zoetis will provide technical support, and you can order supplies for it without issue. Where do I order supplies? You can order from Zoetis or their distributors. Is extended warranty available? Yes, please contact us for further details. Do you offer support in the future? Yes, many common operational issues we can fix in house. Other more specialized issues will have to be repaired through Zoetis directly. Why should I consider used instead of new? For some high volume and multi-doctor practices, new analyzers make sense. But for most startup, small, and even medium sized clinics, they do not. New analyzers have a very large upfront cost or the same cost contained within a 3-5 year contract. Many times those contracts have built-in minimums for consumable orders as well. Laboratory analyzers lose value faster than most products. Many times faster than a new car. If 'life happens' and you can no longer practice, you will most likely recover only a small portion of what you paid for your new analyzers, or you will have a huge bill due to pay off your contract or loan. With used analyzers, you are not paying a huge upfront cost, and therefore can get back a majority of your investment if needed. You also are not locked into minimum consumable agreements, and can order only what you need. Simply, used analyzers offer a great deal more flexibility and sense of security moving forward ABAXIS ZOETIS VETSCAN VS2 VETERINARY CHEMISTRY BLOOD ANALYZER (2nd Generation)


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