Bio Bleeder injection
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Bio Bleeder injection



Bio Bleeder injection all performance horses and racing camels. It has a good effect on performance and the overall health of the animal it can be used as a race product as well as a training aid. This is an all natural formula with no prohibited substances and no side effects; it does not swab.

BIO BLEEDER is multi-functional, and assisting in the prevention of bleeding but also helping with repair of capillaries and healing of the lungs it has also shown to assist used as a maintenance product
It has an effect lessening effect the high transmural pressure which leads to pulmonary capillary stress failure.
Healing capabilities, one of which is the repair of the lung walls that have been damaged with repeated stress after hard training and racing.Bio Bleeder injection

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What is URN8 100 ml?

URN8 causes a transient dieresis (excessive urine production). When administered before exercise, diuresis results in a reduction in blood volume which may help reduce the incidence of exercise induced pulmonary haemhorrage (EIPH).

To those who love natural herbal mixtures, you can find here a natural diuretic, made from a blend of herbs. It has no anti-inflammatory drugs (dexamethasone) and it is not


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