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drosera homaccord  Areas Of Application: Registered homeopathic medicinal products without indication of a therapeutic indication. Warning: Contains 35 Vol.-% Alcohol! Homeopathic Medicine
As with all registered homeopathic drug, therefore without a therapeutic indication. In the continuance of the symptoms of the disease seek medical advice.

None known. drosera homaccord

Precautions for use:
Like all medicines, homeopathic medicinal products should during pregnancy and lactation only after consultation with Your doctor will be applied.

None known. General note: The effect of a homeopathic medicinal product may be damaged by General Factors in the way of life and irritation and beverages be adversely affected. In case you other medicinal products take ask your doctor.

This medicinal product contains 35 Vol.-% Alcohol.

Duration of treatment:
Homeopathic medicinal products should not without medical advice over a longer period of time to be applied.

Side effects,:
None known. Note: In the application of homeopathic Medicines can existing complaints temporarily worsen (initial worsening). In this case, you should Drug discontinuation and consult your doctor.

If you notice side effects, contact your doctor or pharmacist. This also applies to effects, not in this leaflet is indicated. You can side effects directly the Federal Institute for drugs and Medical Products, Dept. . By Side effects to report, can you help more Information about the safety of this medicinal product for the .

Notes to the expiry date and storage:
Keep out of the reach of children. The Expiration Date this pack is printed on the container and outer packaging. Do not use this pack after this date! For this medicinal product no special storage conditions required.

10 g (= 10.5 ml; 1 ml = 20 drops): active ingredients: Drosera Dil. D2 0.05 g, Drosera Dil. D10 0.05 g, Drosera Dil. D30 0.05 g, Drosera Dil. D200 0.05 g, Cuprum aceticum Dil. D4 0.05 g, Cuprum aceticum Dil. D10 0.05 g, Cuprum aceticum Dil. D30 0.05 g, Cuprum aceticum Dil. D200 0,05 g. Together via the last stage raised to the power of. Other ingredients: Ethanol 94% (m/m), purified Water.

Pack sizes:
30 ml and 100 ml of mixture.

Marketing authorisation holder and manufacturer:

Stand of Information: November 2014.

Source: information leaflet,
Date: 03/2016

To risks and side effects read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharma


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