pentosan gold injection
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pentosan gold injection



pentosan gold injection Compare to the active ingredient is used for the perfomace deficiency in racehorses, dogs and camels.

COMPOSITION: Each 100ml contains Iron (Fe) 1000mg as iron III hydroxide sucrose complex in an aqueous solution along with Folic Acid and B12.

ACTIONS pre race boost in poor performance in horses. Iron deficiency also compromises immunity and health and also increases susceptibility to disease and infection. Anemia also reduces blood enzymes which are important for the elimination of harmful metabolites produced by muscles during racing.

Trials with iron injection uses in racing horses and dogs showed that treatment consistently increased hemoglobin and other blood values under different treatment frequencies and dose schedules. The effects of the treatment as measured by improvement in hemoglobin was evident for up to three months.

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Composition:  Contains:  Sodium pentosan polysulfate 250 mg/ml, glucosamine 150mg/ml

Features and Benefits:  Sodium pentosan polysulfate (PPS) is a linear polymer prepared from xylan, a complex hemicellulose extract of the plant (Beechwood) origin.  PPS is one of the sulfated heparinoid compounds.  The heparin like anti-coagulant effects have been reduced and the anti-inflammatory, fibrinolytic and tissue trophic effects have been enhanced.
PENTOSAN GOLD actively reverses the effects of osteoarthritis in the joints via a series of actions including:
1.  Stimulating Chondrocyte Metabolism:  Results in increased production of proteoglycans and healthy cartilage matrix.  PPS stimulates synovial fibroblasts and produces an increased amount of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid which results in an increased production of normally viscous joint fluid. Improving the fluid volume and consistency results in more effective joint lubrication and also stabilisation, which limits further cartilage damage.
2.  Anti-inflammatory Activity:  PPS has an inhibitory action on all mediators of the arachidonic acid cascade.  PPS also inhibits the lysosomal catabolic enzymes histamine, hyaluronidase, cathepsin B, and polymorphonuclear elastase.  PPS exerts a specific inhibitory effect on mediators implicated in the degradation of cartilage matrix components, preserving the cartilage and thus preventing the release of the highly inflammatory mediators, which relieves pain and inflammation.
(c) Fibrinolysis and Lipolysis:  PPS is strongly fibrinolytic, stimulating the release of plasminogen activator and promotes the dissolution of thrombi and fibrin deposits in synovial tissues and subchondral blood vessels.  PPS also mobilizes lipids and cholesterol in synovial and subchondral blood vessels, which have been implicated in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis in older animals. These effects combine to increase the pre-fusion to the joint, which stimulates cartilage healing and repair.
PENTOSAN GOLD is a very sophisticated approach to the long term management of osteoarthritis in horses.
PENTOSAN GOLD is equally effective by both intramuscular (IM) and intra-articular(IA) injection. Unlike traditional treatments, the unique effects of PENTOSAN GOLD promote the healing and the restoration of a healthy joint, in addition to having a safe anti-inflammatory effect.
PENTOSAN GOLD is NOT a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug like Phenylbutazone nor the cortisones (both of which have damaging effects on joints with prolonged use).  PENTOSAN GOLD does not suppress joint cartilage healing and repair.  Rather than simply masking the pain, PPS directly stimulates joint healing and repair.
Corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory agents and NSAIDs all relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis but DO NOT ALTER THE DISEASE PROCESS.  Both hydrocortisone and NSAIDs have a marked inhibitory effect on the biosynthesis of the components of the extracellular matrix of cartilage, which limits the early healing response of cartilage to injury.

Indications:  Non-infectious inflammatory joint disease, traumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, degenerative cartilaginous joint disease  and osteochondrosis dessicans in horses.

Dosage and Administration:  Administer at a dose rate of 3 mg/kg bodyweight (1.5 g / 500 kg horse – 6ml) by intravenous injection at 5-7 day intervals for four injections.  PENTOSAN GOLD is equally effective when given by intra-articular injection.
If intra-articular use is required, administer 1mL by sterile intra-articular injection.  PPS has an affinity for cartilage and active drug levels will accumulate for several days after administration.  For maximum effect, tissues should be exposed to the drug over an extended period, hence the four injections.  A period of improvement for up to six months following a course of four injections may be expected.  If at any time during this period the horse becomes sore (e.g. following a particular activity), it is safe to administer a further injection to settle any inflammatory process.
PENTOSAN GOLD is particularly effective and displays synergy with concurrent use of COSEQUIN EQUINE (Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate supplement) to provide the essential raw materials for joint repair and maintenance.

Presentation:  50ml sterile single dose glass vial.  Provides multi-dose (1.5 g) for a 500 kg horse at the recommended dose rate (3 mg/kg).

Storage:  REFRIGERATION NOT REQUIRED. Store below 25C (Air conditioning) and protect from light.

Note:  Contraindications:  Use in horses with clotting defects, traumatic hemhorrage, infection, renal or hepatic failure or within 48 hours of surgery.


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