fenylbutazone 20%  injection
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fenylbutazone 20% injection



fenylbutazone 20% injection For the treatment of arthritis, tendinitis, muscular and articular rheumatisms, congestive processes, hyperthermia, heatstroke, inflammatory complications of various traumatic or bacterial infections. (With approved antibiotic if necessary). { Animal Species: Horses, dogs Do not inject hyaluron into infected joints. Strict asepsis is recommended at the intra-articular injection site, which is performed through healthy skin and by a veterinarian. Do not administer intramuscularly. Do not use in animals intended for human consumption. Any excess synovial fluid (intra-articular effusion) must be removed aseptically before hyaluron injection. In isolated cases, as a secondary effect, a slight inflammation may appear after the IA application of hyaluron within 24 and 48 hours after its application. It is a process resulting from the friction of the needle within the joint that is quickly reversed.

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If it persists, the possibility of infection and appropriate antibiotic therapy should be considered. ADMINISTRATION AND DOSAGE The recommended dose of intraarticular hyaluron in horses is 2 mL (20 mg) per joint, and up to 4 mL (40 mg) can be applied in large joints. In acute cases, one treatment is generally sufficient, and the application can be repeated after 7 or 14 days. If the joint presents joint effusion, the excess synovial fluid must be removed prior to the injection of hyaluron. It is recommended to keep the horse on sports rest for 2 days after the IA injection or to work it in a very limited way. If necessary, hyaluron can be associated with corticosteroids for intra-articular use in the same injection. By IV route, the recommended dose of hyaluron is 4 mL (40 mg) in a single weekly injection. In chronic or severe cases, it is convenient to apply this dose for 4 or 5 weeks, or for as long as the veterinarian deems appropriate. PRESENTATION hyaluron 2 in a 2 mL vial containing 20 mg of sodium hyaluronidate hyaluron 4 in a 4 mL vial containing 40 mg of sodium hyaluronidate


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