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flumex 0.2



flumex 0.2 Acetylcysteine is used for its mucolytic activity in respiratory disorders associated with productive  Flumex Needled Felt Coated, Find Details about Eptfe, Membrane from Flumex Needled Felt Coated – Huzhou Sennuo Fluorine Physiological therapeutics of cartilage, for growing animals and adults. Treatment of osteoarthritis, osteoarticular degenerative pathology (osteoarthrosis), coxarthrosis, spondyloarthrosis. Remodeling of structures deformed by osteodystrophic processes during growth and development. Non-infectious synovitis, ligamentous injuries. Ligament and tendon repair processes, bone and cartilage fractures. Cartilage protector, flumex 0.2

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increases resistance to stress at times of greater joint demands, training, competitions; natural pain reliever. Stopping active processes of cartilage degradation. Treatment of secondary effects (pain and joint deformities, degenerative joint disease) in hip dysplasia in dogs and cats, anti-inflammatory. Preventive of osteoarthritis and peri-arthrosis in the initial stages. Specific treatment of joint wear and osteoarthritis in sporting horses. CONTRAINDICATIONS Sostén CG Tablets can be combined with injectable Sostén CG or orally, for prolonged treatments. These substances are natural components of the organism, they are not toxic. They are absorbed and metabolized by natural pathways. No toxic effects, side effects or clinical, biochemical or hematological changes have been demonstrated by the administration of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for 6 months, at the indicated dose. DOSAGE Canines up to 30 kg of weight: 1 tablet per day. Over 30 kg: 2 tablets per day. Felines: ½ tablet per day. Dosage in acute cases: Joint treatment with injectable SOSTEN CG (Chondroitin sulfate / Glucosamine) at the suggested doses is recommended. The administration time depends on the degree of osteoarthritis, the intensity of the conditioning factors of secondary osteoarthritis and the individual response capaci


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